Thursday, November 5, 2015

And the Question is...

 Me: "Alex, I'll take 'Essays' for $2000."
Alex: "And the answer is '10' ."
Me: "What is the number of essays I will be grading today, Alex?"
Alex: "That's correct!"

Here's the numbers:
157 students in my World Literature classes.
82 of those 157 actually handed in an essay, that we have been working on for 2 months.
10 of those 82 will be graded because they produced a paper with a perfect MLA formatted Works Cited page. Which, btw, I have taught them how to do, even given them a typed example with all the information on it they needed. All they had to do was change the author's name and the title of their short story and put in their page numbers. It couldn't have been any easier if I had done it for them. Oh, wait...I DID do it for them!

10 :{