Thursday, October 15, 2015

Nice Shirt!

     I have decided to be more proactive in enforcing the dress code this year. I'm not sure who buys the clothes that many of our students wear, but there seems to be a big lack of appropriateness going on.
     Earlier this week I noticed a young man in my 5th period class wearing a tee shirt that was appropriate, not to mention totally inappropriate for school. I had warned him the last time he wore it that I didn't want to see him wear it again. At that time I had him take it off and put it in his back pack, and I am sure he put it back on once he got out my door.
     This time I asked him to go outside. When I got out there to talk to him, I had him take the shirt off and I would take it and hand deliver it to the AP in charge of discipline. The student refused.

Him: "I don't want to take my tee shirt off."
Me: "I warned you last time you wore it. I want the tee shirt. You have another tee shirt on underneath."
Him: "But that shirts not clean."
Me: "Not my problem. Shirt, please."
Him: "No. you can't have my shirt."
Me: "Done arguing. Shirt." With my hand out.
Him: "No."
Me: "Ok. wait here for the referral. You can go talk to the AP about it."
He left with the referral in hand.
     By the end of that period I had confiscated a phone and the first thing I did at lunch was take it to the security office to be picked up by a parent at the end of the day. As I was walking into the administration office the kid with the tee shirt came walking out. He had on a red SMHS tee shirt over his white one. Obviously the AP also thought his tee shirt was inappropriate and confiscated it, giving him another shirt to wear.
As I passed him I said with a smile, "Nice shirt!"
Man, if looks could kill.
Teacher: 1
Student: 0

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