Friday, October 9, 2015


     This is me (not really) being disgusted. I mean I AM disgusted but this is really not a picture of me. Anyway...back to the disgusted part.
     I've been feeling this way for a while now. Mostly I am disgusted with my students. Not mostly...they are the total root to this problem. Everyday, I come into work, ready to teach. I don't know what's going on but the group of students I'm teaching this year are totally disinterested in EVERYTHING! They are not doing their homework. They are falling asleep in class or making routine trips to the bathroom. They lie to me about having cell phones (because I collect them at the beginning of the period) and then they interrupt my class by checking for messages. I had one kid open up his tablet the other day and do something (he wouldn't tell me what) right while I was trying to get them to analyze a book we are reading. Which, by the way, is another thing I'm running into: the kids are not participating in the discussions. I ask questions. Silence. I call on individual students. I get blank stares or the ever popular "I don't know." I had a rough draft of an essay due today. 6 kids in my first period class had theirs and 7 kids in my second period class had them. Yikes! F's all around! I imagine the rest of my periods today will have the same results.
     Now, before you go there...I want to say that I am not the only teacher experiencing this chaos. Others are having similar problems in varying degrees. But it seems to be centered in the sophomore class. I don't understand. Two years ago, when I taught sophomores, they were not like this, so I'm not quite sure what's going on. I can only carry on, trying to get their attention. Trying to keep them awake (thought of getting a squirt gun.) Trying to get them to do their work. Trying to get them to read the board and get ready for class every day when they come in. It's no wonder that I am exhausted every day when the final bells rings at 2:55. Maybe as the year progresses, they will come up to the bar I have set for them. I hope so.

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