Friday, July 3, 2015


       Well, it seems like I just can't stay away! Here I sit today, in the middle of summer, at my desk in my class room. I have been finishing packing up my room because I am moving across campus. I originally requested 25 boxes...hmmm, that should have been enough, one would think. But, now that I have packed every cabinet and book case and every filing cabinet in my room, I have had to reorder twice. I think I am up to 48 boxes. Of course, in my defense, they are smaller than normal office boxes; I suppose to limit the weight for the people who will actually carry and move them. (God love the Maintenance people on this campus!)
     As I sit here and look around my barren room, I feel kind of sad. I have been in this room for 7 years of teaching here at SMHS; I've gotten quite attached.  I moved in 7 years ago and made myself at home; after all, I do spend quite a bit of time in this room. I had it just the way I wanted it.
     I will miss the proximity to the parking lot. (It's amazing how many times I have left stuff in my car!)
     I will miss the people in the class rooms that surround me. (I will see them, of course, just not every day.)
     I will miss the view out the big window by my desk. I can see the practice field (green) and the other side of the campus and the hills beyond. It's even better when it rains or is cloudy, as I have a view of a big chunk of sky.
     The room I am moving into only has high windows and a door that looks out on to a small quad with science rooms on the other side. There is a tree on the back side of the room so if I open the blinds in the high windows I can have some green.
     But, on the plus side: my room is centrally located. Closer to the office and library and copy room. And I will have more square footage and tons of built-in storage. And my new neighbors are great people.
     So, today will probably be the last time I will sit at this desk.
     Goodbye room 616. Hello room 234.
P.S. I will be back blogging in August. I am scheduled to have 5 classes of sophomores. We'll see how funny they are! Tune in!